Case Study: Disconnected Schedule Status and Cost Performance

April 12, 2014


Without disciplined process and procures, a program can lose control of tracking performance. A program was getting bad customer reviews, DCMA corrective action reports, and concerns from upper management on a failure to understand and report consistent progress information. Control accounts had contradictory schedule and cost data. Some work packages in the MS Project schedule (IMS) were completed, but cost information from MPM had not been started. While some work packages did not have schedule information at all, others were months off in period of performance. The bottom line was that the schedule in MS Project had no correlation to the cost records in MPM. Management wanted to get the program back in sync and have a process and tools to keep it aligned.


IPM was brought in to enhance the supplier’s EVM system while utilizing existing core schedule and cost tools (MS Project and MPM). An experienced project planner and finance manager were brought in along with OPDEC support personnel to re-map the cost schedule data, install IPM, and train the IPM users. After the decision to re-baseline, the new schedule was loaded to IPM. The “Baseline” module of IPM enabled the CAMs to assign work packages and loaded the resources that now had an integrated work page number. This new baseline data was downloaded to MPM and a new baseline was created. To keep the performance tracking coordinated, the IPM “Status” module now enables the CAMs to status the schedule and automatically takes EV performance. With IPM, CAMs can see their BCWP and SPI instantly as they status.


With the right people managing the process and the right EVM Solution, the program is now fully integrated. IPM and proper implementation allowed EVM to become the valuable tool it was designed to be. A successful Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) was held and passed with flying colors. IPM was demonstrated to the customer, and they were very pleased with IPM capability and how the program management team had pulled everything together. Since the program was re-baselined, a DCMA audit has been performed and in their words, “The audit was a huge success. DCMA was very pleased and had a great appreciation for how this new phase is operating”.


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