Comparisons of IPM Cost to MPM

March 3, 2016

¨  The entire program team benefits from IPM’s unique capability to have each project member interface to the program cost in a way that is effective and efficient.  MPM is primarily used by the finance personnel on a project team.

  • Cost Account Managers (CAM’s) can:
    • Update of the schedule, via the IPM status module
    • Update the estimated cost using the IPM latest revised estimate (LRE) module
    • Create the documentation for variance reporting via IPM VAR Narrative module.
  • Program Management can:
    • Utilize the Cost analysis module and IPM’s unique dashboard capability for the effective and efficient use of project cost information and metrics
    • The Corrective Action and Program Logs are updated from the Cost Module to track project changes and manage cost corrective actions.
  • The Business Manager can:
    • Incorporate all of these functions within the IPM Cost Module to tremendously streamline the process
    • Use issue analysis without delays of manual data interface
    • Track creation and produce project / formal IPMR reporting
    • Use schedule status, LRE updates and the VAR Narrative from the CAM, as the primary source for the format 5 portion of the IPMR.

¨  Features that IPM has over MPM are:

  • Resource Loading, Baselining per WBS, per CAM
  • Online Schedule Status & Performance taking
  • Lower level tasks linked to IMS for detail information and quantifiable backup data
  • Estimate to Complete (ETC) Updating per WBS, per CAM at control account or work package
  • Variance Narrative Analysis & Creation with data for the CAMs to drill down and analyze their variance drivers and a means to pull from previously provided information
  • Automated Baseline Change Request, forms and workflow
  • Schedule & Cost Analysis modules
  • Schedule, Cost, & Integration Compliance
  • User Created Dashboards
  • Automated Work Authorization
  • Schedule and Cost Integration and Monitoring


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