IPM licensing

January 19, 2017

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 Integrated Program Manager now available to support every project size and price point!

OPDEC is pleased to announce a major change to IPM licensing that will provide great savings and flexibility to our clients.  Effective January 3rd 2017 OPDEC offers three distinct levels of IPM. These are the Advanced, Intermediate and Basic levels. Our intent is to support every size and complexity level of project with a tailored version of IPM optimized for the three general performance levels most often encountered between project requirements.  This approach allows us to price each level of IPM so that our clients are paying for only the functions that are needed and used for their specific project.

In many cases the benefits realized by our clients are reduced IPM cost, streamlined IPM interface while maintaining common IPM functions. By taking advantage of the IPM levels offered you only pay for the functions that you use and that a specific project requires. Perhaps for the first time, even small projects can take advantage of a cost effective project performance capability that will increase efficiency and provide a capability to manage multiples of such projects at low cost.

Please visit http://www.opdec.com/ipm-software/ipm-license-description to find the IPM level best suited for your project and see what specific modules and functionality are included in each level. Contact us at the link above for additional pricing and information.


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