Newsletter Vol: 1 Issue:1

May 1, 2014

User Tips

Need More Viewing Visibility? In this newsletter we explore ways to see more data on the screen.

New Features Coming This Month

New Work Authorization Capability

This new capability is actually three components: a WBS Dictionary, the Secondary Work Authorization, and a Program Log.

  • WBS Dictionary
    The WBS Dictionary module provides a format where a program can document pertinent scope information associated with each control account. Included are the following fields: the control account ID, control account description, SOW paragraph reference, the responsible CAM and scope definition. Controlled access to the module allows for more streamlined change control.
  • SWA – Secondary Work Authorization
    The SWA, Secondary Work Authorization, tab utilizes the WBS dictionary information and MPM budget data to create documents that permit program CAMs to plan and begin work. Access rights are granted to members of the program team (CAM, Bus Mgr & PMO) to approve updates. Automated work flow streamlines these approvals. Previous SWA revisions are archived to maintain program “book of record”. Approval of these SWAs creates a “contract” between PMO and the CAM to the scope and budget associated with each control account.
  • Program Log
    The Program Log module provides a format where a program can document the changes to their CBB, Contract Budget Base. The module has built-in checks in ensure that entries balance, including a check against the MPM budget data. The program log entries will be automatically added to the Format 5 report. Included are fields for: entry date, CPR period, BCR#, entry description and comments. Controlled access to the module allows for more streamlined change control.

Go Full Screen

When viewing IPM using smaller screens or lower screen resolutions (at or below 1024×768), it can sometimes be difficult to see all the data being presented on some screens. One easy trick is to put the browser into “full screen” which removes excess browser tool bars giving the user more visibility of the website. You can toggle in and out of full screen mode by simply selecting the F11 key on your keyboard (laptops may require holding down the function key first).

  • Manually Adjust the Panes
    Understand that screens within IPM are organized within 2 to 3 horizontal panes of data. Placing your cursor between these panes will change the cursor allowing you to then drag that pane up or down as needed to gain more viewing visibility.
    software release1
  • Hide the Navigation/Filter Pane
    The left-side navigation/filter pane can be collapsed as needed to provide more viewing room for the data being presented within the right-side primary display. Simply select the collapse icon ( ) at the top-right corner of the pane to toggle its visibility.
    software release2
  • Double-Click Grid Header/Footer
    Another trick to gaining more viewing real estate relies on some key built-in features within IPM. Some grids within IPM allow the user to double-click the header/footer to expand the grid for more visibility of its contents (see example below). This can be found on the following screens:
    • Schedule Analysis header and footer
    • Cost Analysis Header
    • Work/Planning package Level LRE header
    • Var Narrative header

    software release3


We are very excited to be attending EVM World Conference in San Antonio, Texas from May 21-23. We will demonstrate IPM at our tools track on Wednesday at 2:30. If you are attending the conference please stop by booth 15 and see us.


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