Newsletter Vol: 1 Issue:2

September 12, 2014

New LRE & Variance Narrative Approvals

Updated the “Reviewed” checkbox within the LRE module to an approval. There are now two levels of approval: CAM and Program/Finance Management. The LRE Overview report has been updated, as well, to show information regarding the approvals.

In prior versions of the Var Narratives screen, the “Reviewed” checkbox allowed the CAM to signify to management that the narratives were reviewed and all updates have been completed. This “Reviewed” checkbox has been replaced with 2 types of approvals; CAM and Program/Finance Management. These new approval checks work as an electronic signature, capturing name and time-stamp of approvers. The Overview report was updated to export and show information regarding the CAM and Program/Finance Management approvals.

New option was added to “Reset Using BCWR (linear)” in the LRE tab.

This option will clear the ETC that is currently provided and replace it with the resources/departments and values (labor hours and prime dollars) of the budgeted cost of work remaining (BCWR). It then linearly spreads the values over the current forecast period of performance.

Corrective Action Log Functionality Added

Added new link in system admin for “Corrective Action Log” that allows administrators the ability to add, edit and delete corrective action log entry for a given program.

In the Variance Narrative tab we added new tab at the end of the Variances row of tabs for “Corrective Action Log”. This is a new tab for the identification and maintenance of corrective actions identified for the selected account. A new “Corrective Action Log” report that is an Excel based report depicting all log entries (open and closed) for the control accounts the user has permissions was added to the report options. Also added a column within the Overview report for “Action Log” which depicts the status of outstanding corrective action log entries.

New Narrative Workbook Report

Added new “Narrative Workbook” report that creates a worksheet for each control account showing all standard metrics and narratives for all 5 variance sections.

User Tips

Viewing Performance at the Resource and Department level

A new feature of the “S-P-A-E” (BCWS, BCWP, ACWP and ETC) report released in May allows for in-depth analysis of performance at the resource and department level. Cost systems must utilize the detailed budget resourcing to accurately calculate performance, and this performance data is then usually only available for review/export at the element of cost level. For those programs/organizations trying to evaluate their resource and/or department level performance, a new IPM System Admin option allows that information to be calculated and exported via the existing S-P-A-E report. It is important to understand that the reported performance is only as accurate as the resources/departments developed within the plan. See the “S-P-A-E” report from the online documentation for more information.

Here is a sneak peak about what events we have coming up:

September 8, 2014: OPDEC will be sponsoring the College of Performance Management Tennessee Valley Chapter Meeting from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

November 3-5, 2014 OPDEC will be attending IPM 2014 at Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center Bethesda, MD.


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