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Automating the Boeing Format 7 Report

November 2018 – OPDEC is very experienced in automating recurring standard reports for clients who want to reduce the burden of manual reports. One such example is the “Boeing Format 7” report. For many subcontractors to Boeing, this specific format report is a contractual requirement and is provided every month. These tend to be inherently tedious when built manually, but OPDEC can help eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of manual effort required. This article will discuss the creation of one such tool for the Boeing Format 7 report.

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IPM Cost Module replacement for MPM

November 2018 – Most MPM users are aware of Deltek to discontinuing support of their MPM Cost Tool at the end of 2018. MPM users now have to decide between continuing to use MPM without support and needed updates or transitioning to another cost tool.

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Latest Revised Estimate Tool

September 2018 - The Latest Revised Estimate (LRE) Tool is a custom, offline software solution utilizing Microsoft Office. It was initially developed as a proof of concept to introduce automation to the client team’s estimation process. The standard is for managers to continually update their estimations for how much money an effort will take to complete. As the task progresses, they can adjust their estimates to reflect any under or overruns.

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Contractor Cost Data Reporting (CCDR) Tool

June 2018 - The CCDR Tool is an automation process that helps expedite the fulfillment of the Contractor Cost Data Reporting requirements. This is a tool that OPDEC has made several variations of, and we can synchronize it with either OPDEC’s IPM cost module or any other cost system utilized.

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Analyze data consistency with OPDEC’s Data Trace

February 2018 - The Data Trace Tool is a piece of custom Microsoft Office automation software that OPDEC has developed in numerous variations. The generalized ideas behind the tool will be discussed in this article. Essentially, this tool is designed to analyze data consistency across multiple points of data entry.

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