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Why OPDEC? We’re the industry’s most comprehensive Earned Value Management Software and solutions provider

OPDEC was founded in 2006 by a small group of project management professionals with many years of practical experience in all aspects of project management. Much of this experience was gained while working with and solving challenging demands for some of the country’s largest development programs as well as work on an array of smaller programs.

Working with a core of software developers, we have developed many program-related automation tools during the 1990s and early 2000s designed to improve the visibility, accuracy and reporting efficiency of the data used by these programs and many of these tools are still in use today. As a result of this hands-on experience we founded OPDEC with the goal to build a comprehensive, yet flexible, Earned Value Management software tool that is truly designed for the users to include the project team management.

In addition to project management tools and performance management/EVM software, OPDEC supports clients by providing a full range of related services. Our services include creation of command media, training, and mentoring in all aspects of performance management. Our services also extend to personnel augmentation, as needed, to successfully implement performance management processes.

We simplify the overall approach to Earned Value Management

It’s one thing to report data that looks good and to run all manner of analysis on that data, but it is very much another thing to be able to trust the data and to actually manage your program using performance management principles such as EVM.

Integrated Program Manager (IPM) is a complete Earned Value Management Software provider that helps establish compliant EVMS solutions that simplify the overall approach to earned value management. Our web-based enterprise-level IPM software includes the most features within a single licensed EVMS product eliminating the need to connect multiple third-party software solutions. By providing complete and customizable solutions from implementation through support, we provide clients the tools and knowledge needed to attain complete internal control of their earned value management system.

Why IPM?

With our experience working with a variety of programs and their unique challenges, we built IPM to be a tool we would want to use. We have made it a priority to ensure IPM continues to be a software that will provide program teams and users with a stream-lined means to create and maintain accurate data, in addition to reporting capabilities.

Flexibility and simplicity

We understand that the task of selecting a Cost Management and Earned Value Management tool can be a confusing and complex undertaking. Although there are many common requirements shared by all projects, every project is also unique with its own set of challenges and distinctions. With that in mind, OPDEC’s Integrated Program Manager (IPM) was designed as a project user’s tool that allows projects from the largest to the smallest to use as many or as few features as are needed to best accomplish their project performance goals without purchasing an array of software products.

IPM incorporates a logical workflow approach for all of the processes required in developing and maintaining an integrated cost and schedule relationship throughout the project lifecycle.

IPM serves as the originator and integrator of project data not just a tool that reports on or analyzes data from other sources.

There is now no need to move between different tools as IPM fully supports all of the project performance activities needed to meet the largest EVM project having DCMA reporting requirements to the very small size projects where basic but sound project performance goals still must be managed. IPM offers the flexibility of allowing the project to use the features they need when they need them and the simplicity of working within one integrated tool for all of their project and cost management activities.

Efficiency and utility for the entire project team

We have also designed IPM to facilitate involvement by all program team members based on their role within the project from Cost Managers, Planners, Control Account Managers (CAM) and Project Management group. This role-based approach offers full participation by accountable team members from any location and time, thus improving inter-project communications and greatly reducing face-to-face coordination and meetings. Easy to configure dashboards allow each user to quickly see the areas and activities that are important to them.

Replacing Deltek’s MPM, Cobra or another cost tool?

As many clients move away from legacy tools or those that simply do not have the depth/breadth for evolving needs, they are faced with having to purchase several different products such as a cost management tool, program control software and project data analysis/reporting tools. Usually these are offered as distinct products and must be integrated in order to fully support the entire EVM environment. This approach is costly due to the number of software licenses needed, amount of training involved and the extensive implementation effort. IPM offers a comprehensive solution under a single licensed Earned Value Management System.

For those clients that are migrating away from existing systems, IPM provides a means in which to import your legacy data. For example, for Deltek’s MPM, IPM provides an integrated conversion utility that validates and imports the MPM project cost data into IPM very easily and quickly, usually just minutes.