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OPDEC goes beyond the normal implementation of standard tools by providing program office automation, custom EVMS software solutions and software integration services that address unique program needs

We create client and web-based applications that automate many manual processes, saving time and money. Following streamlined development and quality assurance processes ensures that the end product meets requirements and is delivered on time.

Quick-delivery client-requested MS Office automation tools:

  • Critical path SRA workbooks
  • Subcontractor schedule merge utility
  • Subcontractor CPR/IPMR validation tool
  • Cost/Schedule comparison utility
  • Control account worksheets quad charts
  • Identify net, actual, commit values of POs
  • CPR/IPMR submission verification tool
  • Interface schedule merge
  • IMS – LOB schedule comparison
  • Stretched baseline for accelerated planning
  • Data trace tool
  • EAC quarterly comparison
  • EAC rationale process
  • Estimated actuals workbook
  • LOE-EVT analysis
  • Major sub export tool
  • PM/Manpower PowerPoint chart creator
  • Tracking material budgets
  • SPI/CPI recovery/forecast tool
  • TI cover sheet tool

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