• About OPDEC

    OPDEC provides compliant EVMS solutions that simplify the overall approach to performance management.

  • IPM Software

    OPDEC’s Integrated Program Manager (IPM) is a single licensed web-based Earned Value Management Software that is used by the entire program management team.

  • Program Office Automation

    OPDEC goes beyond the normal implementation of standard tools by providing program office automation, custom EVMS software solutions and software integration services that address unique program needs.

  • MS Project Add-In Tools

    Our suite of program management tools work in conjunction with Microsoft Project, KIDASA’s Milestones Professional software, as well as OPDEC’s IPM.

  • Consulting Services

    OPDEC offers full EVM support services from implementation throughout the project lifecycle.

OPDEC is the industry’s most comprehensive Earned Value Management Software and solutions provider.


  • Latest IPM Update: IPMDAR and DECM v3.6.1

    January 2021 – With the new year, comes the latest version of the OPDEC IPM software (v7.9.95). On average, we aim to have at least 3 releases a year. These updates are typically driven by new industry standards or requirements, and feedback from our user-base. This latest release includes 59 new features and 88 improvements; including the IPMDAR, updating the DECM checks to version 3.6/3.6.1, a .CSV option for the SPAE report, and a simplified navigation menu.

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  • Project Management Tool greatly reduces time expended chasing disparate data

    August 2019 - In addition to OPDEC’s traditional software, we also offer services to develop custom, offline solutions for project management problems. These efforts can vary in purpose and permanence. Sometimes, these tools work as a proof of concept, and allow users to develop and refine an automation process before creating their own.

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  • IPM selected as Standard Cost Management/EVM Tool by Aerojet Rocketdyne

    June 2019 - OPDEC is pleased to announce that IPM has been selected by Aerojet Rocketdyne as their Standard Cost Management and EVM Tool. The decision followed an extensive evaluation of IPM and other well-known cost management and EVM software products.

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  • Chart Package: Automating the updating of reoccurring presentations

    May 2019 - OPDEC is experienced in automating the task of updating reoccurring presentations. The complexity depends on the amount of individual nuances built into the presentations. In this article, we’ll be discussing a generalized version of the Chart Package Tool; it is highly customizable.

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  • IPM Utilities News – Inspect Schedule Utility “Check Schedule Health Automatically: The Inspect Schedule tool”

    May 2019 - The IPM Utilities offers a tool called Inspect Schedule with useful features for all schedulers. It’s designed to detect and report schedule health issues negatively affecting performance and logic within the schedule.

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  • DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics (DECM) and IPM

    April 2019 - Earned value compliance is a cornerstone of the IPM toolset, whether it be cost and schedule integration, the DCMA 14-Point schedule assessment or adherence to the 32 EVM guidelines. With the latest release to our IPM software, we have included a new module: DECM, the DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics.

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