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System Improvements and Compliance

September 2021 – With our second release the IPM software (v8.6.12) for 2021, this year our focus has been on providing a more streamlined user experience, bringing the DECM compliance metrics up to date (v4.0, released March 2021) and IPM Utilities MS Project Add-In updates.

Data visibility and an intuitive interface are paramount to ensuring user are getting the most productivity from IPM. We find having open communication with our clients results in the best opportunities to improve our software. With this as our focus, we have been able to incorporate over 260 improvements to the system this year. Some of these updates are a result of industry changes or our own use of the system, but the majority of these enhancements are at the request of our users. These improvements run the spectrum from additional grid and menu options, to improved messaging and data loading, to new fields and compliance checks. While these updates might be considered small by some, we believe them to be deeply impactful, by both making our software more useful and our clients knowing we value their feedback and experience with the system.

In March 2021, the DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics (DECM) were updated to version 4.0. With this update, we were able to automate an additional check, bringing the IPM total to 74 of the 142 metrics (vs the 67 assumed by DCMA). In conjunction with these DECM updates, the IPM Utilities MS Project Add-In was also updated. The IPM Utilities add-in now includes updated schedule specific DECM compliance metrics, improved IPMDAR SPD reporting and improved data validation with IPM interfaces.