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IPM Software


Our project management software includes the most features within a single licensed EVMS product

OPDEC’s web-based enterprise-level project management software, IPM, includes the most features within a single licensed EVMS product. Our software does not require physical connections to third-party software solutions but integrates with Microsoft Project® and Oracle’s Primavera P6®. Built in migration processes provide a fast and easy conversion from existing MPM projects to IPM.

IPM helps organizations with:

Integration & Compliance

Manage your project with a comprehensive EVM system that fully integrates schedule, cost, and risk.

Cost Management

Give your entire team a tool that provides the insight and capabilities to ensure baseline control, accurate EACs, and variance management.

Schedule Management

Online statusing is available with supplemental task lists (quantifiable backup data) and other schedule management/proficiency tools.

IPM’s full features list:

  • Multi-user baseline/resource interface
  • Ability to use baseline & estimate curves
  • Sandbox style module, to allow for real-time edits and reviews
  • Variable user access based on program needs
  • Multi-user schedule status interface
  • Multi-user LRE interface
  • Multiple options available for EAC alignment
  • Exception reporting for schedule status
  • Auto-population of cost module data from other IPM modules
  • Automated BCR process and approvals
  • Automated implementation of BCRs into cost module
  • Automated work authorization process and approvals
  • Integrated WBS dictionary
  • Integrated program log
  • Integrated BCR log
  • Integrated corrective action log
  • Multi-user variance narrative interface
  • Schedule analytics, including slipped tasks, tasks at risk, core issue identification
  • Cost analytics, including standard indices, BAC/EAC comparisons, EAC trending, tripped variance thresholds
  • 40 cost/schedule integration checks
  • 35 cost compliance checks
  • 23 schedule compliance checks
  • All DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Cost comparison reporting
  • CPR, IPMR and IPMDAR Reporting
  • Customized exports
  • Integrated QBD option (Task List)
  • System creates standard process for program to follow (battle rhythm)
  • Ability to import/export data across system modules
  • Standard formats for easy importing/exporting to and from external data sources

  • Integrated conversion from Deltek MPM to IPM
  • Integrates actual costs from Oracle, SAP and Deltek’s Costpoint
  • Integrates with Microsoft Project®

  • Integrates with Oracle’s Primavera P6

Examples of custom client requested IPM add-on modules:

  • MRP system overlay
  • Inventory tracking
  • Purchase order management
  • Hardware Utilization Metric (HUM) tracking
  • Factory scheduling engine

These modules are implemented to each client’s unique needs and source data locations. Please contact us if you have other requirements for custom project software that are not listed above. Please also visit our program office automation utilities.

Take a closer look at IPMs features by viewing this short movie