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IPM Software

Cost Management

OPDEC’s IPM helps your team control cost management by streamlining resource loading and MPM replacement

Cost management is one of the most important activities needed to ensure a project is delivered within the expectations laid down by the project’s definition. IPM’s extensive features, including simple resource loading and streamlined LRE updates, help all team members effectively manage project cost. By migrating cost data from MPM to IPM, users can benefit from having both a full cost management and EVM capability in one tool.

Help entire program team maintain control and approvals

Document pertinent scope information associated with each control account using IPM’s WBS Dictionary module to permit program CAMs to plan and begin work. Streamline workflow and approvals through Finance, CAMs and Program Managers, and maintain work authorization revision control. Minimize cycle time for your entire program team, from document creation to approvals.

Eliminate third party software (MPM, Cobra)

Eliminate many of the manual and time-consuming interfaces other cost systems require. Streamline your process and gain quicker execution of the EV reporting cycle.

Migrating from Deltek®? We have that covered with an integrated MPM conversion feature that enables projects to easily and rapidly, usually in minutes, to convert legacy MPM projects into IPM. This capability has been proven, without failure, in dozens of large programs and hundreds of test cases.

Streamline resource loading and EVM compliance

Streamline and reduce the rigor involved in resource loading the project schedule. Allow all CAMs to establish, report and review their EV baseline concurrently for faster and more effective budgeting. Assign lower level tasks to IMS activities for percent complete data backup or for internal CAM use. This process ensures cost/schedule integration and EV compliance.

Articulate program changes with ease

Articulate changes to the project baseline plan using standardized forms and workflow using IPM’s Baseline Change Request (BCR) feature. Enable team members to perform “what-if” assessments, real time costing of impacts, and time-phased before/after/delta reporting, while allowing management to understand BCR status, workflow, & history reporting.

Greatly reduce effort with comprehensive EAC forecasting

Provide CAMs an extensive and user-friendly toolset that eliminates the manual effort involved in evaluating their forecasted costs associated with EAC (Estimate at Completion) more than any other system on the market. Enforced by its alignment with the schedule, users can establish and review their EACs either at the Control Account or Package level.

Simplify variance analysis narratives

Eliminate the manual compilation of data and analysis required to establish effective variance analysis. Provide visibility into the rates, elements of cost, and other integrated data to enable CAMs to analyze Cause, Impact and Corrective action. Enable business and program managers a means to streamline reviews and reporting to the IPMR Format 5 report while tracking and reviewing these changes within the Corrective Action Log.

Comprehensive reporting and dashboards

View and analyze cost management data and project thresholds with a wide range of charts, data grid reports, trend analysis reports, and dashboards. Create an unlimited number of dashboards choosing from many different types of gadgets to visually display metrics.