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Updating Forecast Costs: New Resource/Organization Layout

December 2023 – With our third and final release of the IPM software (v10.4.25) for 2023, we introduced some highly anticipated features. These range from the collection/reporting of OTB (Over Target Baseline) data, capturing and processing cost-only impacted system BCR’s, to a brand new way of managing resources when establishing the program’s Latest Revised Estimate. In this post, we dive a little further into the last mentioned feature, the new Resource/Organization LRE layout.

This latest release of IPM provides a new way for users to manage their Latest Revised Estimates (LRE) by providing the Resource/Organization Display Layout. This new display layout option can save time and increase efficiency by allowing a program’s estimates to be updated from a Resource/Organization perspective. This makes the module more flexible than ever before and provides a more robust view of the program’s estimate.

In IPM’s LRE module, the display layout selection provides different interfaces for managing Estimates to Complete. Previously, these selections were focused on managing the LRE at either the Control Account or the Work/Planning Package level. Both these display layouts required the user to select an account first, and then edit its resources second. While effective for estimating against the WBS, one downside to this approach is that it can be difficult to track individual resource allocation within the program; users need to cycle through each account to see all the places a resource is used.

The Resource/Organization interface solves that problem by first focusing on the program’s resources, and second providing all the accounts utilizing it. For example, look at the ENG-S/2200 resource/organization in the image below. First, the primary view is displaying all the Resource/Organization combinations for all Control Accounts selected by the user. The ENG-S/2200 resource is selected here, and that populates the detail view showing how this resource is allocated across all WBS elements. The detail view is split vertically. The left side shows information about the WBS IDs using this resource, including whether their LRE is managed at the Control Account or Work Package level, if they’re utilizing a curve, as well as additional columns that can be added/customized to show more information about the WBS. The right side shows the resource’s time-phased cost estimates.

Example layout of new display

The detail view is where estimates can be input or edited, and it has many familiar features seen in the other Display Layouts. Right clicking a resource or using the File menu displays the edit options, allowing resource estimates to be removed, reset, shifted, aligned, or copied/pasted. It’s important to note that multiple rows can be selected at once with these automatic edit options available. This means that it’s now possible to Shift, Reset, or Align an entire resource across all accounts with just a few clicks.

Detail options display

Ultimately, the Resource/Organization Display Layout is a powerful new tool that provides time-saving methods for managing your LRE.