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OPDEC 2024 Microsoft Project add-ins Released

June 2024 – OPDEC is excited to announce the 2024 release of our Microsoft Project add-ins! This latest release brings requested features and quality of life improvements to the Critical Path, Network Trace, and Task Review add-in tools for Microsoft Project. Please see some of the changes this update brings below:

  • The Critical Path and Network Trace tools have a new look.
    • The new interface allows the tools to accommodate for different display resolution and scaling options.
    • Each the tool’s menu options are streamlined and accessible in a navigation pane, so extra features and settings are more visible.
  • All three tools now allow Settings Profiles to be shared.
    • Each tool now stores the Settings Profiles as shareable files stored on your device.
    • The settings section now has an Open File Location button, which opens the directory storing the Settings Profile files. These files can be transferred between devices so other users can quickly configure the tool to work with a new schedule.
  • The add-ins now display the Serial Number in their About section.
    • The About window now displays the user’s license serial number if they have already activated the tool. This helps the user transfer the license to another device or provide it to OPDEC Support as proof of purchase.
  • The tools are compatible with Milestones Professional 2023.
    • You can now utilize the latest features within Milestones Professional when creating custom templates for the tools.
  • The tools will no longer leave activation information on a device after being uninstalled.
    • Previously, the tools would allow activation files stored on the device. This allowed users to reinstall later without reactivating the tool, but also caused confusion as organizations transfer licenses between users. Now, the 2024 tools remove that lingering activation info, so each uninstall sets the device back to a clean slate.