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Automating the Boeing Format 7 Report

November 2018 – OPDEC is very experienced in automating recurring standard reports for clients who want to reduce the burden of manual reports. One such example is the “Boeing Format 7” report. For many subcontractors to Boeing, this specific format report is a contractual requirement and is provided every month. These tend to be inherently tedious when built manually, but OPDEC can help eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of manual effort required. This article will discuss the creation of one such tool for the Boeing Format 7 report.

The Boeing Format 7 report details the work breakdown structure, associated earned value techniques, and cost data (BCWS, BCWP, ACWP, ETC) by contract line item. There is a defined format that governs how the data must be configured for delivery. Once accepted, this report, the deliverable, is imported into a Boeing system for analysis, therefore the strict format must be adhered to.

If the client is using IPM as their cost system, this report becomes easily automatable. OPDEC’s IPM contains all the data required to produce the Format 7 report, and our custom software can easily synchronize with those data exports. Since OPDEC controls the formats, they’re easily transformable to Boeing’s specifications. However, as long as the required data is available in a standardized format, we can automate its creation even if the user is not using IPM. Below, you can preview a version of the tool built using IPM’s data. Most of the import files you see in the ‘Import’ area can be exported directly from IPM with the exception of the Cover Sheet and the MR ETC by CLIN files.

The cost data is imported by first copying the file locations into the tool. Next, the data is analyzed through the “Data Issues” section which ensures the import files contain all the required data. If any data is missing some information (e.g. actuals data without an assigned contract line item), the tool will prompt the user to fix these issues before continuing. Once the necessary adjustments are made to the import files, the tool will automatically generate the Format 7 in its deliverable state. Automating this requirement every month saves much time, ensures consistency and enhances accuracy.