IPM Cost Module replacement for MPM

July 6, 2017

Most MPM users are aware of the recent announcement by Deltek to discontinue support of their MPM Cost Tool by the end of 2018. MPM users now have to decide between continuing to use MPM without support and needed updates or transitioning to another cost tool.

The risks associated with the first option are obvious, especially in the long term, but the second option also has potential risks and pain.  Deltek is promoting Cobra as the “heir apparent” to MPM. The thinking seems to be that most MPM users will decide to move to Cobra; however, there are many users expressing serious concerns with such a move. These concerns involve the migration difficulty of legacy and current data, degree of difficulty with using Cobra for custom report generation, the training required to learn the very different interface, the high cost of use and many other aspects.

 For the past two years OPDEC has included its IPM Cost Module as integral part of IPM. OPDEC’s recent IPM licensing re-structuring also means that users can purchase the IPM with a wide range of program performance management tools, including the Cost Module, at a much lower cost than Cobra.


Please click here for more information on Benefits & Migrating from MPM to IPM.





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