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Analyze data consistency with OPDEC’s Data Trace

February 2018 – The Data Trace Tool is a piece of custom Microsoft Office automation software that OPDEC has developed in numerous variations. The generalized ideas behind the tool will be discussed in this article. Essentially, this tool is designed to analyze data consistency across multiple points of data entry.

The tool automatically gathers data the required import files, compiles that data into an organized format, and analyzes it to ensure consistency. For instance, ensuring that CAM names match between the cost system and the schedule, or checking to see if the total budget for an account is consistent across all deliverable and internal reports. The tool is highly customizable, and each iteration of it that we create adheres to different business logic.

The image below displays a summary page of one version of the tool. This is the central hub where the user can quickly identify issues at a glance. Each control account link on the left takes the user to a more detailed view containing more tools to investigate the variance.

Example of OPDEC Data Trace to analyze data consistency summary for Project Office Automation