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DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics (DECM) and IPM

April 2019 – Earned value compliance is a cornerstone of the IPM toolset, whether it be cost and schedule integration, the DCMA 14-Point schedule assessment or adherence to the 32 EVM guidelines. With the latest release to our IPM software, we have included a new module: DECM, the DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics.

The intent of DECM process is to allow earned value data to be more objectively assessed and to create an environment where data is more consistent and accurate. Since these metrics emphasize trend analysis, as well as monthly reviews, it puts the focus on those areas that tend to have repeated issues, rather than   a single period ‘blip.’

The DECM consists of 139 separate data checks (tests). Of these, IPM enables the automation of 72 of the checks even though the DECM documentation states that only 62 are expected to be automated. It is because IPM contains not only integrated cost/schedule data as well as supplemental EV documentation like the work authorizations, are we able to automate even more of these metrics.

The IPM DECM module allows the user to provide updates to manual checks, review results of automated checks, and provide notes for all metrics. All metrics can be viewed based on the period of the selected data instance, as well as a trend of up to 6 months of historical data. A DECM ‘scorecard’ report is easily exported into Excel and is formatted for easy review.

As the DECM checks are continually being refined, our module within IPM will be kept up to date with the latest released metric requirements.