Ongoing support

Our strong commitment to supporting our clients and ensuring their success with IPM software doesn’t end after implementation. We provide a number of methods to assist our clients throughout the program lifecycle.


We respond to support requests within minutes.

We will talk to anyone from your company; we don’t limit it to a single point of contact. We won’t ask if you have a support contract or deny you help for any reason. We are here to answer questions, resolve issues, and listen to your ideas.

You are in the drivers seat for future upgrades to the software

The evolution of our product is 100% based upon client-feedback and changing industry standards. The majority of new features and updates are in response to requests from our user community.

Extensive Online Help Center

Our OPDEC IPM Online Help Center provides full up-to-date documentation that is fast and easy to search.


On-site or remote support contracts are available to provide assistance with EVMS documentation and processes, or provide temporary staffing support.

One of our satisfied customers

I have never experienced more professional customer service, on every level, than the service I receive each time I call OPDEC. It is typical to encounter a junior customer service employee when calling a company for help with their product. Often, that person will then have to escalate the question or concern… all the while time is wasted and money lost. With OPDEC, time is money and it is obvious. It is impressive that I get an expert on the phone immediately and issues are resolved quickly and accurately. In the event that you are not immediately able to resolve my issue you take the problem off-line, do the required research, and respond back quickly to ensure any interruption to normal business is minimized. Further, you are always there when I need you. OPDEC has answered the phone late at night and early in the morning, leaving me to wonder if you ever sleep. Additionally, I have never before had a company notify me when I purchase their software that they are on the cusp of a product update, then proceed to inform me that, once it is released, they will be providing me with that upgrade at no additional charge. The OPDEC team is truly amazing and the service you provide is simply unparalleled, in any industry. Thank you for your enduring support.
-Ryan, Business Manager


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Suite #406
Huntsville, AL