Who uses IPM Software

Program & Functional Managers

IPM helps the program and functional managers to quickly access accurate schedule/ cost information within a single system allowing timely issue resolution and more effective project management decisions during the project lifecycle. IPM helps eliminate the cost of audits and prevent systemic issues due to inconsistency in program procedures.

Project Business Managers

IPM helps the Project Business Manager reduce the amount of time spent preparing for audits and reduce the effort needed to meet reporting deadlines. Time and effort are reduced through process standardization, streamlining of project team interfaces, and enforcement of earned value rules at the time of entry.

Control Account Managers (CAM)

IPM helps the CAM manage and take control of their accounts by providing a single easy to use interface for baseline resourcing, statusing, change control, work authorizations, EACs, variance narratives, and reporting.

Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Planner

IPM helps the IMS Planner reduce the time to gather schedule status, implement baseline change requests (BCRs), and keep up with reporting needs from CAMs, Program Managers, and functional management.


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