Task Review Tool

icon task reviewThe Task Review tool generates easy to read management reports depicting "slipped" and/or "look-ahead" activities, tasks that are at risk, completed activities, and interfaces (hand-offs). Reports are widely customizable allowing you to tailor them to your own company or program. Use the default report templates provided, or create an endless number of reporting styles driven to meet your needs. Exportable to PowerPoint and with a one-time setup capability, you will be creating meaningful management reports in minutes.

Report on areas you need to be concerned about:

  • Slipped Activities - Identify activities that have exceeded the planned date and may cause a delay in another activity in meeting its milestone date.
  • Look Ahead - Gain insight into the activities scheduled to start or complete. Couple this report with the Slipped Activities report into one if desired.
  • Tasks at Risk - Show activities whose % Complete variance exceed the threshold you define
  • Interfaces - Show near term hand-offs from one IPT/Organization to another and how they affect each other
  • Custom Output - Download the User's Guide to learn more about the great reporting features available with the Task Review Tool


  • Milestones Professional 2008 - 2017
  • Microsoft Project 2003 - 2016 32-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10


All installs can be used as a 30-day trial

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