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Tag: IPM Software

Updating Forecast Costs: New Resource/Organization Layout

December 2023 – With our third and final release of the IPM software (v10.4.25) for 2023, we introduced some highly anticipated features. These range from the collection/reporting of OTB (Over Target Baseline) data, capturing and processing cost-only impacted system BCR's, to a brand new way of managing resources when establishing the program's Latest Revised Estimate. In this post, we dive a little further into the last mentioned feature, the new Resource/Organization LRE layout.

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Single Sign-On (SSO) Released for IPM

February 2023 – With the version 9.5.49 release on 1/4/2023, IPM introduced the ability to login to the system using Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO is an authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites using one set of login credentials.

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CAM Insight and Support

June 2022 – DECM compliance metrics v5.0 | New and improved IPM features with 9.1.52 release | OPDEC continues to build its CAM support team!

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IPMDAR and DECM v3.6.1

January 2021 – With the new year, comes the latest version of the OPDEC IPM software (v7.9.95). On average, we aim to have at least 3 releases a year. These updates are typically driven by new industry standards or requirements, and feedback from our user-base. This latest release includes 59 new features and 88 improvements; including the IPMDAR, updating the DECM checks to version 3.6/3.6.1, a .CSV option for the SPAE report, and a simplified navigation menu.

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DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics (DECM) and IPM

April 2019 - Earned value compliance is a cornerstone of the IPM toolset, whether it be cost and schedule integration, the DCMA 14-Point schedule assessment or adherence to the 32 EVM guidelines. With the latest release to our IPM software, we have included a new module: DECM, the DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics.

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IPM Cost Module replacement for MPM

November 2018 – Most MPM users are aware of Deltek to discontinuing support of their MPM Cost Tool at the end of 2018. MPM users now have to decide between continuing to use MPM without support and needed updates or transitioning to another cost tool.

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